Extra Virgin
Olive Oil



When your work and your production takes place in an area like ours there is little choice but to work in harmony with nature.

Our estates are located in an area of wide ecological diversity. The olives grow alongside other crops, such as wild olives or almonds in mountainous areas covered in pine groves. The terraced hillsides allow the water to drop from one level to another through small ditches that are covered ion rosemary, esparto grasses and other typical plants of the area. The areas between the terraces are also a home and a food supply to local fauna, including hares, partridges, wild boar, bees, birds of prey, all of which comprise a healthy and sustainable ecosystem.

We grow our crops the traditional way, which means an organic way. We take care not to alter the balance, respecting the cycles of the olive trees, integrating the biodiversity of the area into our processes and making use of all the resources nature offers us to produce natural oils which are free of phytosanitary products, pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

The result is not only a toxic-free product but a whole process that both enriches our work and ensures sustainability.

In 1996, Finca de La Fuensanta began the certification process for Organic Oils, a step towards the recognition of the traditional activity we carry out, of the love we pour into our olives and the exceptional quality of our oils.