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Aceite de Oliva
Virgen extra

finca fuensanta aceite



Thanks to the care and respect we show for the cycles of the olive trees and also for the environment and the water supplies, our olive trees grow in perfect harmony and under fine conditions to produce first-class organic oil.

Our oils are the result of the learning that comes from experience, from a calling, and from the unwavering efforts to search for constant improvement to achieve an organic oil of rich flavor. The olives are harvested when their organoleptic properties are at their height, so ensuring an extra virgin oil of outstanding flavor and quality.

The whole process, from the preparation of the soil through to the production of the oil, is carried out with the utmost care and attention to the tiniest details. Nothing is left to chance, from the selection of the olives to the quality controls and finally the conservation of the oil which has been produced with devotion and dedication.

The freshly plucked olives are transported with care to avoid splitting and the extraction of oil is cold pressed to conserve all the biological properties and so ensure the highest quality in both the monovarietal and the coupages oils, because this is the way to get a balanced, stable oil with acfull body and a taste that will delight the palate.

Our organic oils offer a range of sensations for you to enjoy



A light and mild monovarietal EVOO with a delicate texture, sweet on the palate, with little spiciness or bitterness and a fruity aroma of olive, apple, banana and almond.

It goes well with vegetables and fish, bit also with delicate dishes, sauces and pastries, complementing the other ingredients.



a highly stable EVOO monovarietal that has great strength and body and a fruity aroma with hints of herbaceous crops, tomato and unripe fruits. It is sweet on entry with a slightly spicy and bitter taste, giving it balance and elegance.

The oil enjoys great stability due to its being very rich in polyphenols and its high oleic acid content, which has been proven to reduce the risk of cardiovascular and hepatic diseases. It is also rich in natural anti-oxidants and can boast almost 10% more oleic acid than other oils, making it highly recommendable for children and the elderly.

It can accompany salads and cold dishes to enhance their taste, and can also be used for fried, battered, breadcrumbed and cooked dishes as it admits high temperatures and respects foods since it maintains its properties even when reused.



As the name suggests, this EVOO comes from our centuries-old trees. Each year we select the trees whose fruit is of a quality to produce an exclusive oil that will enchant the palate. The varietals used are Royal, Changlot Real or Cuquillo, all of them very old and indigenous to the south-east of Spain.

These trees are over 150 years old and some over 250. They have weathered the passing of time and here, in the Finca Fuensanta, it has been our desire to recapture the essence of these old trees that generously give us their very special fruit and oil.

This EVOO is characterized by a sweet, fruity aroma with high notes of fig and almond. A beautifully stable and balanced oil with bitter and spicy tones of mild intensity, which evoke tastes from yesteryear